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Can’t speak for all of you but it is crunch time. I know I always complain but the end of the year festivities always come at the worst time with everyone getting ready for the Fall shows starting in January. I don’t expect for things to get back to normal until the shell shock of the Magic show has ebbed. At least that’s how it seems to me. Flying to Vegas in February always meant you can find at least one person sewing buttons on samples in coach -but maybe not so much anymore. Samples are flown in these days. But whatever, I’m plugging away at jobs while still wading through boxes and looking for stuff like my favorite garlic press. A cheap aluminum job that beats the hell out of the fancier chrome one Mr. Fashion-Incubator bought me as a fill in. Worse, I’m hosting dinner for extended family this year which means I really have to have things prettied up. Considering it all, I’m still too overwhelmed to really care if I meet familial standards. And I know you know what I mean.

Anyway, here’s today’s archives entry listing posts published for this week in history over the past five years with over 2,000 more in the archives. Have a great weekend.

December 3, through December 9, 2005
Project Kaizen: Monday
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Project Kaizen: Tuesday
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Industrial sewing machines pt 2
Project Kaizen: Wednesday
A cutter’s must pt 2
How blocks work
Project Kaizen: Thursday
PN numbers
Project Kaizen: Friday
Jews and the garment industry
Hiring a PR firm

December 3, through December 9, 2006

Fix this: mitten contest
Pattern Puzzle: Bert Simons
Fix this: mitten contest pt 2
Fashion contests and full service manufacturing
Production planning: girls denim line
CAD collar drafting videos

December 3, through December 9, 2007
Overcoming fear of exposure
Why fashion colleges don’t teach entrepreneurship
A shameless solicitation
Marketing Trends 2008
Reading 12/4/07
Tradeshow Calender 12/05/07
Investing in a clothing line
News from you 12/6/07

December 3, through December 9, 2008
CPSIA: Confusion run amok
CPSIA: Losing credibility
CPSIA: Splintering the cause serves no one
How to hire a pattern maker pt. 48

December 3, through December 9, 2009
How to fix production problems with production managers
Recalibration, fast vs slow fashion, something to offend everyone
Pattern Puzzle: Sunny Fong
Important upcoming tradeshow: SPESA

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  1. Marie-Christine says:

    We do all know what you mean… I don’t care if it’s family, I think events like that need to be potluck. Excuse anyone over 80 or below 12, and leave it at that! And those who’re going to bitch about dog hair or whatever can come in a day early and clean/decorate. Isn’t that what friends would do, especially if they descended upon you so close after a move?

  2. vicki says:

    When having guests, which we do continually, I have always said if someone is coming to my house to look for dust etc. I do not want to be a bad hostess and disappoint them.

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