Archives 12/25 – 12/31 2005-2008

Again, I failed to post the entries for last week’s archives last week. I have no idea what was so compelling that I couldn’t but I’ll be posting two entries today this being the first of two parts.

December 25, through December 31, 2005
Decisions decisions…
If I were to produce a line
Design Creep
Batch product development 3
I wish I’d said that
Tyranny of tiny sizes?
Thread consumption formulas

December 25, through December 31, 2006
Partially, in defense of high fashion
Infovore links 12.28.2006
Jeans fitting problem

December 25, through December 31, 2007
Pop Quiz #471 pt.2
Easing out of the holidays
Japanese pattern books 2

December 25, through December 31, 2008
Are you being overcharged? Call the sheriff
The How I Got My Start Carnival
How I got my start: Corky & Company

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