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It’s another great day -any day above ground is a good one. I’ve been distracted and preoccupied as of late but I’ve found a great new site that helps me dwell less on my grievances over silly things like snow (I do feel childish and petty) and to be more mindful. The site is an agent of change. I love the way she writes. She writes the way I feel so how come my words don’t come out as kindly as hers do? She’s definitely a model for me to emulate. For a sample, see When life asks more of you than it has before. And thanks to my friend Ann Katzen who told me about it.

As (nearly) every Friday, here’s this week’s entries from the archives. Hoping you enjoy a relaxing weekend.

January 22, through January 28, 2006
Color numbers
Importance of Product Identification pt. 2
Nameless Tutorial #9
Suffering Unappreciated Inventor
Manufacturing organic home furnishings
Button sewing problems?
Designer’s guide to a business plan
Thomas and Eleanore pt. 1

January 22, through January 28, 2007
Back from LA
If your contractor competes with you
What to do with scrap?
The power of a good (or bad) review
Does the devil really wear Prada?

January 22, through January 28, 2008
Mexico City trash
Mexico City costumes
Finding the right needle size in the Haystack pt.1
Mexico city architecture
Trip report: Seattle Trend Show
Finding the right needle size in the Haystack pt.2
News from you 1/24/08
Problem sewing contractor

January 22, through January 28, 2009
Pop Quiz 481: What’s wrong with this collar?
Pop Quiz 481: What’s wrong with this collar? pt.2
Pattern Puzzle: Origami Sleeve
CPSIA Crystal Ball & Status Report

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  1. Connie says:

    Kathleen, I love your writing. I think it’s clear, concise, witty, informative, constructive and very professional. I read your site for inspiration because you “do” and encourage others to “do” rather than “wish”.

  2. Hello there, snowing here too, unexpectedly…….I got your book and am enjoying/loving/soaking in every page. I have learned so much. There is so much to learn! I’m naturally curious so all is very interesting and helpful. I’ve read the whole thing and some parts over again already. This is the best, most interesting reference book ever. Thank you so much.

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