Archives 12/19-12/25 2005-2007

Did everyone have a nice holiday? Anyone work today? I’ve been at the office all day but haven’t done a thing but read and twitter (follow me if you’re into it).

By the way, I finally created a work around page for the archives index so that’s live again. I can’t figure out why the page wouldn’t publish in Word Press. Too long perhaps? There are over 1,500 pages.

December 19 through December 25 2005
Marketing only gets you so far
How to get from a 7 to a 10
Which fashion school is best?
Engineers gone wild
Batch product development 2
Get off your lazy butt
Last minute gift?
Production pattern tutorial 1
Design review tutorial 1
Importance of Product Identification
A post about nothing
Somebody likes me

December 19 through December 25 2006
Express Your Style Design Competition
Shorten a separating zipper
Marena Group: All Star Lean manufacturer
Workplace Management
How to select commercial pressing equipment pt.2
Kathleen in French Vogue!
Product storage problems pt.2
Optimize your name for the internet

December 19 through December 25 2007
Sock wars and Handmade
5 Questions all designers must answer
Pop Quiz #471
Industrial sewing machines differential feed
News from you: Holiday edition

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  1. I found a moment or two to create a new style, and that was extremely enjoyable after the crush of the holidays, and all this CPSIA crud. Creating and working takes my mind off all the other things going on in my life, and when it was finished, a massive rush of endorphins ensued. The best!

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