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Alas, I failed to post the entries for last week’s archives with all the comings and goings of the holiday. This time of year is always problematic with disruptions to my schedule but oddly, I didn’t recoup so readily this year. Changes are nice but also disconcerting; finding it difficult to regain my footing. Some years I’ve posted too much and people complain (not meanly) that it’s too much to catch up. I’ve been wanting to post what some will surely think is a homework post (it’s not, honest) because I really do like the topic (on seam allowance, no surprise I suppose). Then I wonder if people even have time to read so how lightly do I go? I take no small pleasure in January 2nd when theoretically, everything is back to normal and uncertainty removed. As a practical matter, I have a broken water pipe at the office and have no idea when it’ll be repaired. Very upsetting it is, I suspect a portion of one wall (with attached shelving) will need to be taken out to repair it. I am very distressed about it.

December 18, through December 24, 2005
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December 18, through December 24, 2006
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December 18, through December 24, 2008
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  1. Oriole says:

    I can’t wait for the seam allowance blog. This is something I have been trying to get under control. I loved the lapped zipper tutorial but haven’t had the time to figure out the seam allowances. You gave the draft for a 3/8-inch seam allowance but I use half inch. If the allowance changes what is the correct amount to remove from the facings? How do you adjust for a different zipper width?
    When do you change a seam allowance for say a vest, around the neck 1/4, down the front 1/4 of 3/8 and then turn the bottom and it goes to 1/2? I always thought the allowance didn’t change in less the stitching stopped.
    Maybe this wasn’t what you had planned to talk about, but hope you might have some answers.

  2. kathleen says:

    HI Oriole, I posted the entry today. I didn’t answer your question in it but will here. The seam allowance along an outside edge is 1/4″. That means it’d be a quarter along the neck, down the cf and around the bottom. All the same.

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