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Is everyone getting ready for the upcoming festivities? Between that and my usual work load, I may not be around much next week. And it’s a rub because I didn’t post everything I’d intended to this week. I have guests coming in from out of town and this place is still a disaster. And shopping? If it weren’t for Amazon, I probably wouldn’t have done any to speak of. How do we get it all done? Why hasn’t technology gotten us what we really want -like cloning? Barring that, I think we should collectively lobby for an extra week in December. Until that happens, I’ll have to tide myself over with gluhwein. Eric had never had it before we went to Berlin and now he loves it. I’ve never made it but will this year. Shopping sure is a lot nicer with warm spiced wine in your tummy. It makes me happy happy happy!

If you somehow have a spare moment to spare, here’s the archives entry for this week with over 2,000 more in the archives. Have a warm and productive weekend.

December 10, through December 16, 2005
Project Kaizen: Summary
Hiring a PR firm pt 2
Bra pattern making
A question of men and women
Knits are evil
Pattern puzzle: Julian & Sophie
You have got to see this
Batch product development
Slavery or Bravery. Pick one.
The eight deadly sins of waste

December 10, through December 16, 2006
10 reasons for skipped stitches
The Evans Group
Apparel Manufacturing Handbook
10 reasons for skipped stitches pt.2
Fix this: mitten contest pt 3
NASA’s sizing problem

December 10, through December 16, 2007
Pattern corrections you shouldn’t pay for 1
Pattern corrections you should pay for 1
Drawstrings and Child Safety

December 10, through December 16, 2008
CPSIA and Small Manufacturers
CPSIA Survey: The costs of a recall
CPSIA & CPSC: Activism and what you can do
CPSIA: How to move forward, coping with crisis

December 10, through December 16, 2009
Slow vs Fast Fashion pt.1
Now this is hand sewing pt.2
Promising news in textiles
A return to wool

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  1. Theresa in Tucson says:

    Kathleen, you can buy gluhwein if you don’t want to make it. The giant German vinter Schmitt Sohne bottles a red and a white gluhwein. Nothing like traipsing through a Kristkindelmarkt on a snowy day with a gluhwein and some roasted chestnuts, or maybe a potato pancake in your belly. Makes getting poked in the nose by the edges of the umbrellas carried by pint sized Omas (grandmas) tolerable. Enjoy your Christmas and your out-of-town guests.

  2. Barb Taylorr says:

    No cloning on my wish list, but an extra memory chip for my brain for my brain sure is, preferrably one with an extended warrantly.

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