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It’s been unseasonably warm here -not that I’m complaining, okay, maybe I am- with highs ranging from the mid 60’s to the low 70’s. I’m wary of contradiction; akin to being paralleled parked between enjoyment and apprehensive of the inevitable. Winter isn’t my favorite time of year. So how is it in your corner of the world? Has anyone started their holiday shopping? Oh forget I asked. We can count on someone chirping (bleh, and not even smugly) that they finished theirs in July. I plan to make some gifts this year but have I started? No, I have not and I’ve yet to devise a manner of wrapping and gifting my good intentions. Seriously, maybe I’ll work on this next week. I have a new toy to show off that helps make certain things. Like fringe. Now I have to find things to put it on that won’t look too lame. I tell you, when I grow up, I want to be a grown up.

As ever, here are this week’s entries from the archives. Have a great weekend.

November 6, through November 12, 2005
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November 6, through November 12, 2006
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November 6, through November 12, 2007
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November 6, through November 12, 2008
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  1. Gigi says:

    Well, it’s back in the high 80s here today, ugh. Last night I was freezing my buns off and today I’m back in shorts and a tank top. My Christmas tree was erected last Sunday. I haven’t really started decorating it or the house yet but tomorrow’s the day! I’ll make Mimosas and watch Christmas Vacation for the first time this year. We are scaling wayyyy back this year gift-wise so I don’t really have much to buy. We’re actually looking forward to a nice relaxing holiday season where we can just enjoy being together. I can’t wait to see your new toy!

  2. I moved last June to Montreal and Im about to undergo my first Canadian winter. When I moved here I decided to start working on my own line, because of the winter and all and found your site and book. HALLELUJAH…
    Kathleen, i just wanted to say thank you

  3. dosfashionistas says:

    Christmas is a time to become as a child again. Being grown up is way overrated. Kathleen, you give of yourself so generously, all year. I cannot say Thank you enough. I hope you can enjoy your Christmas…..I hope I can remember my own advice.

  4. Christy B. says:

    I’ll be the one to chirp up and say that not only have I bought exactly one Christmas present so far, my baby is due in January and I am losing motivation for shopping by the day. If you’re worried you are behind, just remember I’m still behind that. :)

  5. Barb Taylorr says:

    I refuse to start Christmas shopping until after Thanksgiving. I still relish days of my childhood when all the stores’ decorations magically appeared the Friday after Thanksgiving. I always wanted to be one of the ones who worked through the night making it happen. The evolution of retailers decorationg for Christmas in September takes all the fun out of it & causes me to avoid shopping in the fall as much as possible. I, for one, am having fun planning only Thanksgiving this month!

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