Archives 1/15 – 1/21 2006-2009

No time for chit chat today, it’s been a very busy day. Sometimes days pass and the phone never rings then days like today, it never stops. As ever, here’s this week’s entries from the archives. Hope your weekend is grand!

January 15, through January 21, 2006
The post office is closed
Yet another pet peeve: Waistbands
Getting a quote for cutting
More cutting and grading questions
What do fashion designers earn?
Fashion design isn’t glamorous
How to make a line sheet

January 15, through January 21, 2007
CAD 101 part one
Going to Phoenix pt 2 and going to LA
Tips for styling “flats”

January 15, through January 21, 2008
How to hire a pattern maker pt.46
Maybe I can still drape
Training new sewing operator pt.3
Thread sizes

January 15, through January 21, 2009
Don’t throw yourself under the (CPSIA) bus
Where and how to get markers printed
CAD software compatibility in marker making

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