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rubberband_dressI found an interview (via another link now forgotten, sorry if it was from you) of architect and designer, Margarita Mileva who has taken to designing dresses from discarded office supplies. Oh designers, what will they think of next? I think it’s fun and sometimes wish I still played like that. Check out this dress made of rubber bands (right). Her “jewelry” designs are equally fun and colorful. Best of all, they’re available on Etsy. I can’t decide which I like best, this one or this one.

And yes, this is another edition of the archives, listing all the entries published on this site for this week over the past five (almost six) years. There are over 2,000 more in the archives. Hope your weekend is great.

January 14, through January 20, 2006
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January 14, through January 20, 2007
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January 14, through January 20, 2008
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January 14, through January 20, 2009
CPSIA Rant: Blame Special Interest Groups
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January 14, through January 20, 2010
Why no one will help you pt.2
Pattern puzzle: feraL chiLde
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Pattern puzzle: feraL chiLde pt.2
What if plus sizes made up 80% of the market?

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