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Today a little link love. First up is Danielle of Final Fashion. She’s been busy since moving to London to pursue greater opportunities in illustration but she’s kept up with her blog -which I don’t read nearly often enough. Recently she pondered how one might categorize designers. She came up with 8 types: Narrators,  Characterists, Personalities, Aspirants, Conceptualists, Postmodernists, Technicians (more) and Artisans. Not surprisingly, I am closest to a hybrid of technician-artisan but am most attracted to color hungry postmodernists. Go check it out to see where you fit.

Next up, Melanie.IO. I find blogs like this and am convinced I’ve been living under a rock. Biting, incisive, nothing is sugar coated here. A TechStars alum, she has plenty of backstory viewers never saw. This is required reading for anyone convinced they’re going to be The E-mortar store and flummoxed that never the twain of tech and apparel shall meet. As if it were any surprise to kindred that apparel hasn’t kept up. Later, I was pleased to learn she knew who I was, loved my book and wanted to have coffee. She has started another interesting venture, shirts by subscription. I will have to keep an eye on that.

As for myself, I continue supervising construction and I have a tutor coming over today to teach me how to use Illustrator. It was time. I get in a very bad mood whenever I have to use it. Anyway, here is today’s archives entry. Have a great weekend!

November 4, through November 10, 2005
LA Textile wholesale fabric show pt.2
Poor man’s BMI
The Apparel Engineering and Needle Trades Handbook
Garment design copyrights & patents
Outdoor sewing sites
Lean manufacturing is resiliency
Designers at craft fairs
Patently arrogant

November 4, through November 10, 2006
Chicago vs NY sewing contractor
The cathartic twisted ouroboros torus
Fabric for the birds?
Quality Control for the Apparel Industry

November 4, through November 10, 2007
Back from Houston
Zero fabric waste fashion design
Pattern Puzzle: Mark Liu
Made to measure manufacturing
How to hire a production facilitator
News from you 11/9/07

November 4, through November 10, 2008
How to find help in the apparel industry for nearly nothing
Pop Quiz #480
How To Create Brand Names That Stick
New Product Safety Regulations That Affect ALL Manufacturers
How to represent or distribute a line of handbags?
How to enter the U.S. market -from a contractor

November 4, through November 10, 2009
Denim laundry contractor pt.2
Pattern Puzzle: how to fix this bag?
CPSIA updates 11/10/2009
Pattern Puzzle: how to fix this bag? pt.2

November 4, through November 10, 2010
Pattern grainline notation
Pattern Puzzle: Neckline dart-collar pt.2
Everything I wish I’d known when I started pt.4
Pattern puzzle: Recycled geometric denim

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  1. Jess H. says:

    Loved Danielle’s post on regarding designer types – I’m definitely in the Technician/Artisan categories. Thanks for linking to her blog, I’ve added it to my reader!

  2. Theresa in Tucson says:

    Interesting concept on the Shirts by Subscription but these are definitely aimed at the slim, trim fashionista if a large is size 8-10. No measurements given on the size so I’m guessing.

  3. Renee says:

    Curses, now I want to read every post on Well, at least it makes me feel good about the business idea I didn’t follow through on after writing the 86 page business plan.

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