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mostexpensiveteeTwo tidbits of interest to my fashion friends. First is word of Valentino’s archives. With respect to that there’s a plus and a minus and another minus. The plus is you can download it (site plays an annoying midi all the while). Minus is that the archive is software driven (that you download). Second minus is that it seems to be buggy (v.1). I use two monitors; after installation, clicking anything in my second monitor minimized Valentino in the other one. Also, my shipping program and Adobe Pro commenced wildcat strikes so I had to uninstall. I hope your experience is better, lots of folks are raving about it.

Second item of interest: the most expensive tee shirt in the world (as depicted at right) Yep, $400,000.00 worth. As befitting such a discriminating item, allow 28 days for delivery -’cause it’s bespoke ya know- for the firm to “exceed your expectations”. On the other hand, shipping is free!

Below you’ll find the usual sampling of content that’s been published this week in history over the past six -soon to be seven- years. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, keep the archives page handy; it lists every entry ever published.

January 13, through January 19, 2006
How to issue style numbers pt.127
Interview with a buyer
How to issue style numbers pt.128
The post office is closed
Yet another pet peeve: Waistbands
Getting a quote for cutting
More cutting and grading questions

January 13, through January 19, 2007
CAD 101 part one
Going to Phoenix pt 2 and going to LA
Tips for styling “flats”
CAD 101 part two
Sample Sales from a Designer’s POV

January 13, through January 19, 2008
Pattern puzzle: Parrot jacket
How to hire a pattern maker pt.46
Maybe I can still drape
Training new sewing operator pt.3
Thread sizes

January 13, through January 19, 2009
How I got my start: Melissa McKeagney & Little Girl Pearl
CPSIA Rant: Blame Special Interest Groups
Don’t throw yourself under the (CPSIA) bus

January 13, through January 19, 2010

Why you should start your own sewing factory
Why no one will help you pt.2
Pattern puzzle: feraL chiLde
What is a white paper and why you should read them
Pattern puzzle: feraL chiLde pt.2

January 13, through January 19, 2011
I am stupid and so are you
Getting ready to export?
Why Chinese sewing contractors are superior?
How a president orders pants
Printing vintage books from the LOC

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  1. Cary Pragdin says:

    Many thanks for the links Kathleen! If the site developers had read your articles they would have known to (1) omit the midi and (2) run a grammar checker; cheap grammatical errors and expensive T-shirts don’t mix. I wonder how one attaches diamonds to T-shirts and what the washcare instructions would be? Or would the target customer just frame it and brag about owning the world’s most expensive tee? You gotta admire the firm for taking the maxim “go big or go home” to a whole new level…

  2. Cary Pragdin says:

    …and we won’t even go into the environmental cost of extracting the diamonds from Mother Earth and shipping them to the UK, where I believe they do not tend to occur naturally…

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