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my_neighbor Brrr~ we got a cold snap and several inches of snow yesterday. Snow and cold makes me pout and unproductive. I’d rather go to sleep Halloween night and not wake up until mid March in a cranky stupor to complain about spring winds. It even snowed in Houston! I didn’t think that was possible. My neighbor (who rents the space behind my office) makes me deservedly ashamed of myself; she’s a mechanic and outside working on cars every day. You know, the typical lazy Mexican. Here’s a photo of her, her baby is due next week. I fret because they don’t have much; I’m collecting donations of essentials (which can be mailed to my business address). She has another child, a sensitive, quiet and kind boy about seven years old. He feeds the birds when I’m away. Christmas will be grim for them this year.

As usual, here are this week’s entries from the archives. Here’s to hoping your weekend is worry free and comfortable.

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  1. Sharla says:

    I grew up in orchard country. I have NO IDEA where the “lazy” stereotype comes from. I miss the Hispanic culture since moving away. Mmm, and my neighbor’s fresh homemade tamales.

  2. Brenda says:

    Someone sent me an email yesterday (one of those chain mails) about how this is the only country where illegal immigrants get driver’s license, welfare, free health care, etc etc. It took all I had to compose (and reply to all) a nice email reminding them they don’t want our welfare, they come here to work 2 and 3 jobs to care for their families, they can’t get D.L. in most states and a lot of them actually file taxes! I knew this because I worked at a major bank that serviced the Hispanic community, sadly they couldn’t even open checking accounts. I so wish people would educate themselves before drawing conclusions about others…

    I plan on sending you something…

  3. Lisa Shoemaker says:

    What are essentials? I don’t know all that much about what babies need except food, diapers, clothes, and somewhere to sleep. Do you know what gender she is expecting? What types of things does her son like?

  4. I’m getting email off list (no problem) but here are answers to those questions if anyone else has them.

    Her unborn child is another boy.
    I do not know her son’s name (I’m bad about names and don’t remember).

    Their situation is actually much worse than I said. I have been very worried about the baby coming because their apartment has no heat the gas company won’t turn it on due to some kind of weird conflict involving city planning and building inspectors. So, no heat and no gas to cook with. They cook on a hot plate and toaster oven. I don’t know if they have hot water (gas or electric water heater). Anyway, she told me yesterday they are moving, that they found a trailer in Mesilla Park (a few miles away). The trailer can’t be a whole lot better except it is supposed to have heat.

    I do not know what they have or don’t have. I asked her and she said they were “okay” except they didn’t have a crib so they were going to X (a junk store, used stuff) to look for one and honestly, I had an immediate visual image of her newborn baby’s head being wedged between the mattress and side rails of a cpsc recalled used/defective crib missing hardware and suffocating to death. I mean, I think I literally shuddered. So, her used crib idea is a no go if I’m the one who has to make that happen.

    Eric and I plan to go over there today to help them move to the new place. We can be neighborly AND do an inventory of what they have themselves and what amenities are over at the trailer. For example, we have an extra clothes washer but we can’t give them that unless they have a hook up. Whether they have a washer or not determines what kind of essentials they need. Cloth vs disposables, laundry pail, etc.

    Anyway, I will get their new address and post it. They do not know I am doing this. I think they would be very embarrassed. I do not know the boy’s name or his interests except he likes animals. He rescued one of the doves before it had feathers and kept it until it could fly away on its own. He found a tiny rat-dog that it seems his mother will let him keep. I imagine they feed it left overs rather than dog food. I wouldn’t imagine they could afford a separate food for it.

    I have one person sending $50, I think I will convert that into a gift card. I am not allowed to say who that is but her initials are KL. Marguerite’s son Sammy (about the same age as the boy) is sending pictures, toys and a a care package. I think this will be a hit. I will post more later today after Eric and I have done “the inventory” and have more info.

  5. dosfashionistas says:

    Count me in! I will get things together in the next few days and send small stuff on to you. Also, we have a tiny boy who has just outgrown 0-3mo. and 3-6mo clothes (my newest grandson). If you think it is OK I will send pass on clothing, in good shape of course, directly on to them. Ditto the baby items that you use only with newborns….and if I buy a few things extra, who’s to know. I plan to send a note that they are doing us a favor to take these and get the clutter out of the house. (true, actually.)

    All that snow was supposed to come to Dallas originally…Instead we had a lovely week. Last week. Lots of winter to go. I hate it too.

  6. Lisa Brazus says:

    Sorry I sent an e-mail before reading the rest of the post. I got ahead of myself. I will see what is in my basement. I have two child car seats but I do not know the laws on recalls and such. I used them for both of my kids and my youngest is now five. I will send one if you think she will need it. I have some sheets and other baby stuff in the basement. I will asses what to send after you have posted your inventory.

  7. Update: Don’t remember all I said anymore and to whom (emails etc) so bear with me.

    We couldn’t go over there on the pretext of helping them move because that could be interpreted as the anglos doing all they could to get rid of them faster. So my flimsy pretext was to have them repair a washing machine for me (which I intend to give them if they have hook ups in the trailer they’re moving into -and they do). I suggested it would be better for us to take the washer over to their new place so they wouldn’t have to move it. This way we could also take a look around to see what they had.

    The trailer needs a lot of work of course but it does have a stove, refrigerator and a sofa. There are no curtains and I don’t know if she sews. They have no other furniture other than two beds -and the new baby crib we bought for them last night that they don’t know about. They have a high chair and we saw an older car seat in one corner but we don’t know how good it is.

    They won’t move in until Wednesday because the electricity won’t be turned on until Tuesday. On a positive note, altho their new monthly outlay is $200 more per month, this includes purchasing the trailer for $4,000. It will be paid for in 4 years. Sure it’s run down and a trailer but I seriously believe they could re-sell it for the same price they paid for it because they’ll repair and improve it. It is not a bad buy considering.

    I’m not sure they have a bank account so US postal money orders or gift cards (Target, Wal-Mart etc) are better choices than checks. One can cash USPS money orders at the post office if you didn’t know that. I would prefer you don’t send me checks because it messes up my accounting.

    If you want their contact info, contact me via the about page.

    Her name is Cruz but I don’t know if she has I.D. and do not know the surname she uses (Mexican women often use their father’s names). Her son’s name is Brian. The unborn child (a boy) will be named Hoseah. In sum, to direct correspondence to each, it should be addressed Cruz or Brian c/o Benjamin Banderas. Money orders should be written to his name.

    Thanks for all your support!

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