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neighbors_sheepSheep don’t say “baaa”. Don’t know who started that rumor. They say “Buuuuh” with a lot of vibration in the throat. And it’s “uuuuh”, deep in the chest, as though you were picking up a really heavy box at the same time. This of course being the introduction to what is certain to be my winter time perseveration. Namely, how well my neighbor takes care of his sheep. It is getting cold. He got some new sheep I hadn’t seen before. Brown ones with horns. I think they are raised for meat. I wonder what he does with the wool? I’d ask him but his wife isn’t very nice. Anyway, here’s a picture of one of them. If you look closely, it seems to be smiling at me. I had to stick the lens through the fence. Trickier than it sounds, you have to keep it out of their way or they’ll try to munch on the lens.

As threatened, here’s part two of the archives and there’s over 2,000 more in the archives if you need more to munch on. Have a warm and wooly weekend!

November 26, through December 2, 2005
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November 26, through December 2, 2006
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November 26, through December 2, 2007

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November 26, through December 2, 2008
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November 26, through December 2, 2009
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  1. jody says:

    The goat is Very cute, and you don’t have to look close to see his smile. think maybe he likes you better than the wife?
    I am starting a line of dance costumes, and am looking for catalog(ue) (canadian spelling) software that can make a cut list from an order form and allow me to and is able to let the consumer pick limited colour, fabric, pieces., etc. Such a small santa wish, I know! hohoho. oh and I don’t want to spend a fortune! You wouldn’t be savvy about those would you?

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