Archives 11/21-11/27 2005-2007

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November 21 through November 27 2005
Lean Thanksgiving
Establishing payment terms
Saran wrap pattern making method #1
The skinny on retail
Utterly shameless designers
Selling your company
Pattern makers know best
So, what did you do on thanksgiving?
Compromising with Retailers

November 21 through November 27 2006
Contract for a clothing sales rep
It all starts here 4
Contract for a clothing sales rep pt. 2
Plenty of poultry

November 21 through November 27 2007
Manufacturer vs. subcontractor
Thanksgiving 2007
Pop Quiz #469 pt.2
Nelly Don
Pop Quiz #468 pt.3
Pop Quiz #470

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  1. midwestfashionista says:

    Hello, New to the online apparel world. What great resources, your site is very informative. Thanks! I don’t see a place to ask this so I hope its ok to post here; I’m trying to gather more info on the sustainability in manufactoring and saw that both & 39thandbroadway were reporting that the sustainable luxury conference was cancelled. Do you have anymore info on this? Will you be going/attending/reporting on this or are there others that are domestic conferences I could attend? Thanks again and sorry if this isn’t the spot for questions.

  2. Kathleen says:

    I’d heard of the sustainable luxury conference in India but I didn’t plan to attend in part because it strikes me as an oxymoron; the very antithesis of sustainability so I didn’t waste my time collecting information about it. The other reason, I’ve already left the country three times this year and I’m exhausted. I’m girding my loins for a trip to Colombia in january as it is.

    I’m not sure that conferences per se are likely to return the benefit you’d anticipate. Or even tradeshows. The reality is, if you’re looking for information on sustainability in apparel manufacturing, this website is the #1 resource for that, on or offline. Poke around a bit.

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