Archives 11/19- 11/25 2005-2009

You’re in for a double dose of archives this week since I never got around to doing it last Friday. Then -as you may recall- I was away, packing up stuff at our house in Las Cruces to move it up here. I haven’t updated you since then because I’m trying not to think of the disaster we left (both there and here) in our wake. I gave up trying to unpack midweek, leaving it for the weekend. Maybe I’ll even go so far as hanging those curtains I bought the week before last.

Okay, here’s part one, part two coming up next!

November 19, through November 25, 2005
Sally and me
Lean Thanksgiving
Establishing payment terms
Saran wrap pattern making method #1
The skinny on retail
Utterly shameless designers
Selling your company
Pattern makers know best
So, what did you do on thanksgiving?

November 19, through November 25, 2006
What is a sloper?
What is a Block?
Contract for a clothing sales rep

November 19, through November 25, 2007
Clothing manufacturer Fit Couture trip reports 2
Pop Quiz #469
Fashion blog haikus
News from you 11/20/07
Manufacturer vs. subcontractor

November 19, through November 25, 2008
Pattern Puzzle: Fixing a cowl neckline pt.2
National Bankruptcy Day
Silk: It’s not just for breakfast anymore
Is your strategy patently obvious, pathetic or parasitic?

November 19, through November 25, 2009
The 7 minute cutting test pt.2
New here?
Vintage technical illustration book
Drafting to measure pattern book recommendations
Least favorite day of the year

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  1. sdBev says:

    Oh my, I remember just such a disasterous move. I acknowledged upfront that we’d left a mess and ask the realtor to find someone who would clean the house and carry off the trash. Cost me $500 but I felt like I’d done the honorable thing i.e. admitted I was wrong and found a way to fix it.

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