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Can’t speak for everyone but it’s crunch time in the industry with everyone in a mad dash to get it all done before the end of the year. I know I complain every year that the end of year festivities take place at the worst possible time but getting crazed just before Turkey Day and not letting up until the second week of January makes it hard to do all the family stuff too. If you’re running on the traditional market schedule and prepping for the Fall wholesale shows starting the first week of January, you have my sympathies. It’ll be worse than ever this year for us, we’ve finally set a date to move all of our household goods from Las Cruces. Yeah! No more camping! No more living out of boxes! We’ll have luxuries like furniture! After nearly a year of this, this merits celebration enough although it’s a bit of a downer to spend Thanksgiving packing all of our stuff, loading it and packing it in. Thank goodness Dominos is selling pizzas on T-Day; it’s either that or Village Inn.

If you’re not otherwise occupied and looking for reading material to pass the time, below are topics published on this site for this week in history. Remember, there’s over 2,000 more in the archives. Have a great one and see you Monday! Or maybe not. A handsome is coming to install my pellet stoves in the shop so I’ll have heat! All told, just too much goodness to bear. Now I gotta run, Lowe’s is having a sale on thermal curtains…

November 12, through November 18, 2005
Yet more marketing hype
Children’s wear & web marketing
A question of collars
Miracle and me
The battle of retailers vs manufacturers
Advantages of selling what you produce
Brokerage and customs questions
AIBI wholesale fabric show

November 12, through November 18, 2006
Better factories in …….
Jeans, corduroy, ironing & bras
It all starts here 3
How to select commercial pressing equipment
Unemployed But Keeping Busy As Usual
Nurture people, not products

November 12, through November 18, 2007
Pop Quiz #468
Theatre de la Mode
Clothing manufacturer Fit Couture trip reports
Fashion Bullies
Pop Quiz #468 pt.2
How to calculate demin shrinkage
How to go broke slowly
How to do a Shrinkage Test

November 12, through November 18, 2008
Pop Quiz #480 pt.2
Archives are back
CPSIA Requirements
Overwhelmed? What to do when you don’t know what to do
Pattern Puzzle: Fixing a cowl neckline

November 12, through November 18, 2009
Protect your Crown Jewels
UPCs, SKUs, Styles and Other Numbers
The 7 minute cutting test
From the LOC archives: Photos of the 30’s & 40’s
Pattern Puzzle: The Deer Cape

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