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Again I could write that today was a gorgeous day in the Southwest, a nigh 70 something degrees under sunny skies. Isn’t this November? I don’t remember it ever being so warm this time of year. Winter being my least favorite season, I hunker down resolved to three months of misery so now I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop. Cold weather makes me cross, I won’t be civil again until next March.

We have grand plans to attend the annual Doggie Dash for our local Humane Society this weekend. It’s their biggest fundraiser of the year. It’s one of the few races of the year I can plop down $30 for a bib and a torqued tee and not feel scammed. I used to go even when I didn’t have a dog and was still single (events like that are great for fella-fetching). Speaking of scams, you can impress females with your sensitivity even if you don’t have a dog by renting one for only $10 on race day. I love it. All to a good cause, no?

If you have some time to kill, below are the entries published on this site for this week over the past five years. There’s another 2,000 more in the archives. Have a great one and see you Monday! Or maybe not. Fellas are coming to install carpet…

October 29, through November 4, 2005
Poka Yoke pattern making
Piece naming conventions
LA Textile wholesale fabric show
Pattern puzzle: Junya Watanabe
Color coding implementation
LA Textile wholesale fabric show pt.2
Poor man’s BMI

October 29, through November 4, 2006
Another lovely Sunday
Like mother, like son
Muslin, “muslins” & protos

October 29, through November 4, 2007
ADHD dump: factoring 2
The universe is needling me today
Wanted: freelance fashion designer
Going to Houston
Los Angeles Fabric Show: Trip Report
Going to Houston 2
Trip report: Paris

October 29, through November 4, 2008
Hunger (yet another lousy title)
French pattern making books
International Quilt Festival
How to find help in the apparel industry for nearly nothing

October 29, through November 4, 2009
Why people don’t return your calls
Pattern Puzzle: Kate Rawlinson & stupid stripey pt.2
Pop Quiz: Denim Quality
Trip report: Denim processing contractor pt.1

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