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Today was a gorgeous day in the Southwest, 70 something degrees under sunny skies. We went to the downtown Farmer’s Market (for the first time) since it was the last one for the year, normally we go to the one close to our house. I wish we’d been going to the downtown one, it was great. We bought some water colors for the house at what seemed to me, to be very low prices. After that, we went to early-vote at the community rec center on the way home. The machine didn’t like my ballot and wouldn’t read it. It will have to be hand counted. I think it’s my karma to be extra work, a miasma that follows me around through out life.

I meant to tell you and I hope it’s not too late but Women’s Wear Daily is publishing a special commemorative issue in honor of their 100th anniversary. If you subscribe to the print edition, you’ll get it automatically. Everyone else can only get it if you order by November 1st. The cost is $10.

And as ever, here are selected entries published on this site for this week over the past five years. There’s another 2,000 more in the archives. Hope your weekend is grand.

October 22, through October 28, 2005
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October 22, through October 28, 2006
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October 22, through October 28, 2007
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October 22, through October 28, 2008
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Show Details Magazine
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October 22, through October 28, 2009
CPSIA Updates 10/22/09
Pattern puzzle: Gloves
Pattern Puzzle: Kate Rawlinson’s stupid stripey dress
Trip report: Dallas Apparel and Accessories Market

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