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Our guest house needs a new water heater which sounds like a rather simple thing, no? Hah. The former owners who built the place installed the water heater (and well pump) first and then they built a tiny closet like “building” (I use the term capriciously), around it. Meaning, we have to tear down the building and its “roof” (again, pure whimsey) to replace it and then rebuild the space to house it. In sum, a $350 job -the cost of the water heater which we could do ourselves- has come closer to costing ten times that. [The only reason we could afford this property was because so much was wrong with it -once we found a lender, no one wanted to lend on it, not even as a tear down.] Long story short, that is how my weekend is going. We have a companionable handyman who is tearing down the old “building” -I say that with all the fondness of a disaster fading in memory- and digging the footing for a new concrete floor for the new building. Which will be bigger. Not by much, enough to house a washer connection should a future buyer find it appealing and a bit of space to house Mr. Fashion-Incubator’s chemistry projects. So how’s your weekend going?

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  1. Theresa in Tucson says:

    Having just replaced a hot water heater in a rental unit I can empathize with you. I am quite familiar with the hot water heater protection buildings as we have them all over Tucson in the older buildings. Your place sounds like a handyman’s nghtmare but you are coping quite well.

    We are recovering from what we thought was the last cross country meet for the offspring; except the boys’ team qualified for the State meet. They made it to the cut-off by one point!

    Weather is gorgeous so it’s time to go out for a bike ride and enjoy it.

  2. MandySA says:

    A home handyman’s nightmare, but a professional handyman’s dream-come-true.
    I had builders start today – shower cubicle in en-suite bathroom leaking like a sieve; builder has stripped the tiles, outlet etc, and will reconstruct same in a couple of days when the damp in the walls has dried out. But the worst for me is having every window frame in the house sanded down, treated for rust (I live in a mist belt) and repainted. Poor old kitty is quite distressed by this as he has no peaceful room to spend his day busy sleeping. My rescue pup is also worried by the workmen; as pleasant as they are. With patience and some extra love-all-round I guess this too shall pass!
    Good luck with your costly irritations, Kathleen!

  3. Cary Pragdin says:

    Wow Kathleen; I wondered if you ever stopped working and now I see you use your downtime for the same thing that I do: Home Improvement! We didn’t get as far as you, though, we surveyed the mess in our garage, all passionately proclaimed that it had to be tidied up, gave opinions as to how it should best be done, but nobody was brave enough to move the first piece of junk. There’s always next weekend…

    By the way, I believe that having builders around is rated right at the top of the human stress scale with death and divorce; hope it goes as smoothly as possible and you don’t get any more surprises in that department!

  4. Kathleen says:

    Theresa, I knew I could count on at least one comment (from you!). The plumber came by (another fellow). I swear, I have never met anyone in my life who talks more than this guy. Never. I hope he’s not going to be a problem. We told him 30 gal heater and today he comes by with a 40 gal, said it was cheaper ($30) than what we wanted. Gee thanks. I’m a meanie. I didn’t pat him on the head and I made him take it back. I (stupidly), didn’t see him out and two hours later I find he left the gate wide open! Thankfully the doggies stayed in the yard. Sandy doesn’t go out anymore, not after losing her fight with the garbage truck but the other dog might have. He’s a good dog -and smart.

    Mandy: ah so, so you’re going through it too! Our cats go nuts but there are many places for them to hide. The dogs think it is great. They enjoy helping and getting all the extra pets.

    Cary: we’ve heard home remodels are cause for many divorces and joke about it. Luckily Eric is an old hand at running large complex expensive projects, his feathers don’t ruffle easily so I give him all the credit. That he’s calm keeps me calm.

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