Archives 10/2 – 10/8 2005-2008

I was unexpectedly AWOL yesterday but it doesn’t appear I was missed much if at all. My plan had been to post another edition of News From You; perhaps it will come tomorrow or Monday. Today’s archive post comes at the start of a long weekend. If you have time to kill there’s more in the archives if you have the time over the weekend.

Reminder from last week: if you get a page not found error, simply delete the “.html” from the end of the url to get there. Don’t forget the period.

October 2, through October 8, 2005
Problems in problem prevention
Becoming a lean manufacturer
Da Vinci and proportions
The perils of D.I.Y.
Style Numbers revisted

October 2, through October 8, 2006
It all starts here 2
Why contractors won’t partner with you
Non disclosure agreements, myths and patents
Adventures in overseas manufacturing pt.2
Business plan template
A fun little quiz

October 2, through October 8, 2007
Miracle in Hong Kong 2
Lean Laundry 2
Reading 10/2/07
Asia Pacific Leather Fair Fashion Access Show Recap
Indie designer goes to Hong Kong 1
Why I went to Hong Kong to buy fabric
Indie designer goes to Hong Kong 2
Naming a product line pt.68
Indie designer goes to Hong Kong 3
Blogging Story Corps
News from you 10/8/07

October 2, through October 8, 2008
Wild West Potato Pizza
Reunification Day
Conjecture on Czech Design
How I got my start (by Hannah)
Deconstructing a zippered pouch

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