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With the storm of the century pending along the east coast of the US, I imagine things will be a bit off kilter this week. Deliveries, customers, orders… those are all very minor issues; we are very concerned and hope that everyone will be safe with minimal damage to property and infrastructure.

Maybe this week will be best suited to levity? I’ll have to think of something equal parts silly and educational. In the meantime, maybe this would be a good time to catch up on some of your reading? Toward that end, below includes a sampling of content published on Fashion-Incubator over the past seven years. It would also be useful to scan the archives or even tutorials pages to find useful reading material. See you next week!

October 19, through October 25, 2005
Apparel manufacturing in Canada pt 2 and pt 3
Copying processes
Building a glossary
Copying processes #2

October 19, through October 25, 2006
Pattern String Codes pt.3
How to fix a camel toe
Berlei and history of sizing
Checking a pattern pt.2

October 19, through October 25, 2007
Interning with Christian Lacroix
News from you 10/22/07
How to learn from artisans and mentors
Pattern puzzle: Danielle
Pattern puzzle: Danielle 2
ADHD dump: factoring
Japanese pattern books
ADHD dump via Italy & Russia

October 19, through October 25, 2008
Is this is good time to start a clothing line?
Trip Report: Premiere Vision Paris
Starting a clothing line -in Paris
Palin’s wardrobe scandal

October 19, through October 25, 2009
Schmatta: Rags To Riches To Rags
Best practices are sexy
Schmatta: Rags To Riches To Rags pt.2
CPSIA Updates 10/22/09
Pattern puzzle: Gloves

October 19, through October 25, 2010
Pattern Puzzle: Neckline dart-collar
My favorite pattern drafting books
Prevent mistakes with better sorting

October 19, through October 25, 2011
Analysis of a knock off -what designers must know

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  1. Thanks for the reminder of the archives page, Kathleen, it’s not as easy to remember that it’s there because it doesn’t have a tab like the tutorials. If I have a problem finding it, I’m sure others do too. The page is incredible, by the way!

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