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As I mentioned last week, I’m eagerly awaiting a trip report from someone who attended the Dallas Market with an extremely savvy buyer in tow. A buyer I’ve admired from a far for a long time (her store is legendary) but no word yet on that. Next week, I have an exciting opportunity to visit a denim processing facility in El Paso TX. Silly me, I thought it might be an hour or two but my host assures me I should plan on spending the entire day. So, next week expect lots of photos and detail about how jeans are finished. El Paso used to be the denim capital of the world; more jeans were made there than anywhere else on the planet. It is still a great place to go; low rent and low labor costs make this area much less expensive than facilities on the west coast.

And now, the entries from the archives. Have a good weekend!

October 16, through October 22, 2005
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October 16, through October 22, 2008
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  1. Theresa in Tucson says:

    Wow, a trip to a denim factory. I want to come too. Enjoy yourself and thank you in advance for the pictures you are going to take.

  2. Beverley Moultrie says:

    I’ve been to the ElPaso plant and thought I had fallen into an alternate universe. The huge rolls of denim the size of a compact car stacked one after another … the various cutting and assembly rooms.. single stall bathrooms that are always vacant.. 10 cent out of date soda… signs that say clean finger nails and clean teeth are mandatory…older cars with anti theft protection…

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