April Fools 2011

underwater_knittingFeel free to post the funniest pranks you’ve found today; there is always such a fun crop on the web. Or, share your most favorite prank ever (here’s mine). Isn’t it great when April Fools falls on a Friday?

I haven’t had time to poke around for any but Alison posted a great one in the forum -Roehampton University is offering a degree in underwater knitting.

Google is hiring autocompleters -complete with video (credit to Lisa B)

Lifehackers has a list of silly geek pranks you can pull on others like installing a blue screen of death screensaver on the unsuspecting (may be too old-school to be funny). Another hilarious one is posting an official notice over the printer that it now responds to voice command. Lifehacker also has a list of prank spoilers they’ve found across the web. Those are good if you don’t want to risk stumbling upon them in today’s browsing.

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  1. Marie-Christine says:

    I got 2 project managers to believe my report that while the painful powering-off we’d been working on at a client’s was going on, there was an explosion around one of the power supplies. I said nobody injured, not too much smoke damage, but surely not coming back up on Monday. Quoted a client who I thought would laugh if they called him in a rush. 3 rounds of mail before someone caught on

    Another coworker got half a dozen people to wander down to the parking lot with chat reports of lights on. But one of them didn’t fall for it: she was working at home :-).

    Love the blue screen of death, thank you! I’m sure I can place that one somewhere..

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