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I intended for this post to be a catchall entry based on my most recent emails covering job hunting and the latest updates in shows, news and events but the day got away from me. Therefore, the entry has been reduced to a resource listing for the main fashion industry headhunters, recruiters and agencies which I guess is okay since today’s previous post is also about getting a job. I haven’t personally worked with any of these agencies but they all have live phone numbers. By all means, if you know of others, please add them in comments and I’ll amend this resource list. Also, please report any problems or pleasures you may have experienced if this topic applies to you. Thanks!

Job Resource List

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  1. Christy B. says:

    I’m job search queen! They will email you job listings only by region, so I’m constantly bombarded with all the great jobs in LA and lack of work in San Diego. Lots of good stuff on there though.

    I had a phone interview scheduled with 24/7, but they never called me. When I called them to see what was up, nobody answered and no one ever returned my message/emails. They seemed nice and helpful though, before all of that! Good thing I found a new job without them.

    I had an interview with a rock star in a starbucks from a fashion ad I replied to on craigslist. It was weird. That is all!

  2. M.P. says:

    24Seven IS ALL ABOUT THEIR CLIENTS, NOT the job seekers. They have a hidden chart that resembles a notch post where they compete for trips to Europe, etc.
    Watch for what you say. Your agent is NOT on your side, she is only trying to make her numbers.
    As a piece of advice, try other agencies such as Fourth Floor.

  3. Xdzjiytu says:

    24/7 as an agency isn’t geared at setting candidates up for success. I had a very strong interview at 24/7, several staff member had a favorably strong reaction to my creative and tech knowledge regarding knitwear.

    I was sent on one interview for an immediate to fill position, although the interview process didn’t proceed with the company I thought the choice of company they sent me to was strong.

    *HOWEVER* Following my initial interview and follow up phone calls to several staff members I sliped through the cracks and was forgotten. Determined to build a relationship with them I went up to their offices for a second interview to refresh their A.D.D. mentality- that didn’t work either.

    I was however called with potential freelance work, and would always find the job they described to me and the job that was actually available were two entirely different things. This was a constant and repeat issue, and I stopped taking their calls.

    In my opinion the staff is operating on a set up for success meter (for candidate & client) at a 1/2 star out of 5 stars, at best.

    Misinformation takes time out of your valuable day, 24/7 representatives send you on interviews that have no relation to your skill set, portfolio or interview discussions. My impression is 24/7 trade in a commodity they have limited knowledge on how to effectively place an individual.

    For a newcomer to the industry, they can be an asset, for a seasoned professional- they can be more a liablity than useful tool.

    *Keep in mind any interview they send you on, the contract you are made to sign restricts your contact to that company for a certain duration.

    For high percentage rates deducted from your payment, contracts required, I expect a medium amount of professionalism, and it’s not there.

  4. mimi says:

    Hi I was actually working with 24 seven and I agree with every single thing you just said. They got me a freelance in LA with BCBG which by the way is the worst company ever, and after that they never respond my emails or phone calls. They were way very unprofessional by not calling me and letting me know that BC#$ didn’t want me back. So I was literally not able to go into the building and pick up my stuff. Then I send them my updated portfolio and no response. Then I am told a certain rate and they changed it out of nowhere. Its really bad, and its true about that chart.It was very convenient for me at the beginning because of the $ but they really don’t care about anything

  5. Ramona says:

    Has anyone attended the stylecareers Job fair? I was laid off and I am looking for a job and I wanted to go but wanted to make sure it was worth my time. I currently live in Atlanta and I wanted to go to the one in New York on Oct 23rd. I have been to local job fairs in the past and had a horrible experience and I was hoping that the ones geared for fashion industry professional would be better. I did not want to spend the money and end up in a long line to find out that they are telling people to check out positions on there websites and collecting resumes.

  6. Anne says:

    I went to a stylecareers job fair 2 years ago (2006) in NY in October and there were some good things, some bad. There is a long line to get into the fair and then long lines for most companies once you are in the conference room, so expect that. I definitely recommend preparing a sheet with your sketches on it to go with you resume – that way you can leave it with someone in case the line is so long you don’t want to wait. At some booths there are people who will greet you to chat about your experience, and if you match up to their openings you sign up and wait to talk to a recruiter. Target which employers you want to see, because you won’t get to talk to all of them! I met with about 10 people and I did called back for 2 interviews as a result of going to the job fair. 1 recruiter called me later after seeing my sketches (she was not at the job fair), and 1 person I emailed them to follow up.

  7. Elise D. says:

    Christy, I am also in the SD area…any leads on anything? I do enjoy receiving stylecareer’s emails…I wish they were just a little further south though….

  8. Lisa says:

    Going back to 24/7. I sent them my resume, got a reply e-mail asking for various info like last salary etc. 2 months later I got a phone call asking if I knew anyone that knows a program that was used at my last company.. they called just to get some leads!!

  9. Kathleen, this is a great site. I own a recruiting firm (EZ Fashion Jobs) in Manhattan and would like to give you my company’s contact information so you may add it to the above list. For local job seekers looking for opportunities within wholesale apparel and accessory companies in New York City, we place from assistant through executive level in the following areas: Wholesale Sales, Design, Textile Design, Merchandising, Technical Design, Product Development, Sourcing, Production, Quality Assurance and more. Thanks very much, Kathleen. CONTACT INFORMATION: EZ Fashion Jobs – website: – To Register, candidates may email resumes to:

  10. AngieB says:

    I’ve actually been in contact with a few recruiters since I’ve lost my fulltime job. They sent me on interviews and they emailed my resume to the potential employers. I go into to interview with the employers and I’ve noticed that the recruiter sent them a really old copy of my resume. Mind you I always email the agencies an updated of my resume version showing my recent work experience every time I start my job search again. I was so glad I brought extra copies of my resume. This happened to me twice (and 24seven was one of the agencies) So please people, bring copies just in case. Why have the option of updating your info on their website if they are not going to use it. And sometimes I send my resume to a new agency and no one ever responds saying that they received it. I have no idea if they got it or not. I know they get 100’s of emails a day but at least say something. How professional >_<

  11. Emily says:

    I just saw this blog posting now and it’s out of date, however, I would highly recommend Melanie at The Melanie Andersen Agency. I have had a great experience with her for the past few years, she has amazing clients (agency and in-house) and has sent me on some great interviews and got me my current job in fashion. She has a great reputation and has always been very ethical, honest, and never wastes my time. It seems like she really cares about making both her clients (the ones that pay her) and her candidates happy.

  12. Julie* says:

    StyleCareers White Glove Service (WGS) Review
    I recently spent about $200 overnighting color resumes for the StyleCareer Fashion Fair in LA 2012 through their White Glove Service. It cost me $49 to participate and then I incurred costs for shipping, color printing, etc
    I never heard back from a single employer–that they had received my resume or any acknowledgment whatsoever. I thought it was suspicious that I sent my resumes to the StyleCareer offices in St. Louis and not Los Angeles but I checked in with the contact at StyleCareers multiple times and she assured me they would be delivered. The last time I tried to ask why/how it was possible not to hear back from even one of the 25 exhibitors and I received a VERY curt reply back from StyleCareers.

    All and all I got nothing back from the money I spent. I don’t know if StyleCareers on the whole is a scam?? How is it that their offices are in Missouri? How is it that I never received any response on a single resume–either a rejection/inquiry/acknowledgement of receipt?

    I don’t think StyleCareers are connected in the fashion world, as far as I can tell. If they were, they would be operating out of LA or NYC not Missouri.

    I’m just hoping that by posting this, it will save anyone else with fashion aspirations who don’t live or have access to the coasts the money on the WGS.

  13. Deedee says:

    First off, please, don’t waste ANY time at 24/7, EVER!!! Enough negative things cannot be said about them, so I won’t even start. The one that pretty much has what every other site has would be, you can check, most of the other ones are another waste of time. Good luck on the search.

  14. Irfan says:

    I am looking for a position in the area of apparel sourcing, vendor compliance and vendor management. Also in the are of apparel quality, production management and planning.
    In any part of Canada.
    my area of speciality is denims and cotton bottoms.
    any suggestions where to look??

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