Another reverse pattern puzzle

japanese_reverse_pattern_puzzleWe haven’t done a pattern puzzle in awhile. You do know I rely on your sharp eyes to pick these out and submit them.

So here’s today’s challenge. Put on your thinking caps and imagine what this piece looks like on the body. This isn’t a pattern per se, no indeedy, this is a finished garment. The only hint I could possibly leave is Erte-esque. I always thought it a pity that so few of his designs made it off the drawing paper.

Tomorrow I’ll include links as well as a photo credit. Doing it today is giving away the fun. However, I do imagine that many of you already know what this looks like, who did it and where I got it.

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  1. dosfashionistas says:

    I saw something similar on a YSL “le smoking” design. So I am going to say that the thin strip fastens around the neck with the wide band coming down the center front and turning to go over the bust. Sort of a bondage look.

    I figure at least you have gotten a good giggle out of this….

  2. Do I get to ask if this is a flat piece, or whether it’s folded and sewn? I can’t see the folds well because it’s black, but it looks as if there are long straight “arms” (below the “hammer-head”) that have been folded down and sewn to the bottom. Is that right?

  3. Kerryn says:

    My first reaction was almost the same as dosfashionistas but the other way around….. if the triangles were armholes and the centre of the pattern was the centre back you would get a pretty draped front and collar/bow….

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