ADHD dump via Italy & Russia

Continuing with today’s themes of ADHD, foreign drafting and needlinging Helen for her critique of my grammar, are two submissions. One from Massa and the other from Todd Hudson. First Massa’s, he sends two scans from his Italian drafting book. Hmm. Maybe he’s not a he but a she. I never asked. I think he’s a he though. Anyway, Massa says:

I scanned “base jacket model” and “collar construction” pages from one of my italian books. This book I scanned is called LaTecnica dei Modelli Vol.3, which is widely available in many bookstores in Italy. IMO, this book is outdated and not one for industrial use. But it helped me to visualize how I can convert 2D into 3D or vice versa. Also, when I made a jacket and pants using this method, they came out as very versatile ones. The method is old, but the proportion of base models is nice, I think. There are 4 volumes. Vol.3 is for jackets, coats, and Furs. They also provide classical construction processes.

The two scans are here and here. I like the collars. These are closer to what suit jacket collars really look like in real life. Not like those aberrations they show you in US pattern drafting books. ~shudder~

Then Todd sent a curious link, I poked around but haven’t verified it but it would seem this guy has a CAD package for $28. Really. 28 bucks. It’s a Russian guy (in keeping with our recent non-US pattern resources) with a program called Cutter100. He’s up to version 2.34 so he’s obviously keeping up with it. His English is very very good so I’d imagine the program would be less wieldy to navigate than you’d think. Don’t miss the links to the examples of pattern drafts, I like these! Now, the aforementioned page is in Russian but the drafts are clear. Don’t miss the sleeve caps, see the shaping of those? That’s what yours are supposed to look like.

There’s two other links. One is to the better known Italian drafting book, the one that costs 200 euros (with shipping). Ouch. The other is to a an ebook on drafting doll patterns.

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  1. Els says:

    Thanks for sharing the two patterndrafting methodes from Italy and Russia.
    The Italian patterndrafting does look a lot like the Rundschau (Müller&Sohn) methode which I use.

  2. Todd Hudson says:

    I always find interesting stuff when I’m Googling for something completely different. I also have a 6th sense for discovering bargains in obscure places. Does it surprise anyone I’m a hoarder?

  3. J C Sprowls says:

    Oh me oh my! Yet more stuff to add to the library!

    Though, I should probably scan some things from my sole Italian reference – it’s an antique! Does that surprise anyone?

    Let me see if I can come up w/ a kanoodler…

  4. Lisa Bloodgood says:

    If you need any help with Italian, I’m not super great, as I haven’t used it really since 1995, but my books and dictionaries are handy.

    Todd, my grandmother and mother are hoarders. Looking at my house, one would say that I am as well. :-)

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