A shameless solicitation

As subscribers may already know, Apparel Magazine (free sub) is soliciting nominations for their annual Top Innovators Award. Consider the criteria:

Please describe a particular project or initiative undertaken by the nominee that, in your opinion, demonstrates Innovation in Action (for instance, a software implementation, a new product launch, a new business strategy, etc.):

Describe the role of the strategic business partner in enabling the innovation of this nominee:

Please add any additional observations about what makes this nominee an Apparel Innovator, and future innovations we can expect to see from the nominee:

Isn’t the existence of this blog -considering the anachronistic nature of apparel manufacturing- an innovation? Maybe it’s not new since I’ve been doing it for three years but I don’t see anybody else in the business stepping up to the plate. Or maybe blogging is still too counter culture to be legitimate? It’s funny that consumers think apparel is progressive, apparel manufacturers make bankers look like party boys. Don’t you think actively nurturing entrants to the industry is innovative? I hope I’ve had some effect on your bottom line and will consider nominating me. Maybe I won’t even score an honorable mention but at least somebody from editorial may traipse over here. Minimally, I think it’d be great if the content in Apparel returned to coverage of core concepts of operations and that could only happen if they know you exist.

Another option is to nominate Fit Couture but I’d be torn on who to nominate for their strategic business partner, me or Len (only Mike and Amy would really know). Either way, we’d all win.

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