A sweet new year

apple_honey In celebration of Rosh Hashanah, I wish my friends, associates, guests and visitors alike, a sweet and prosperous new year.

How do you observe the holiday? If I lived in New York, what could be more traditional and contextual than to go down to Bryant Park Lincoln Center? It’s that day you know, not that I’d get a seat. We’re all rooting for PR contestant Valerie Mayen being that she’s a loyal Fashion-Incubator fan. You can see her NYFW entry here.

If you can’t go, Zeitbyte (provider of the live webcasts for the 88 runway shows) says you can watch the shows on your computer via Fashion Lincoln Center, Milk Made or First Comes Fashion.

L’shanah tovah!

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  1. PT says:

    may the coming year bring you as much inspiration, support and momentum as your blog has given me the last 6 months! I started exploring sustainable fashion blogs then in preparation for an eco garments course and found your emphasis on style and fit really helpful, as I come from the happy ignorance of a mixed media artist/crafter’s background! I have a shop on http://www.folksy.com (a british etsy) and take stalls to events to fundraise for a charity and reading your blogposts on presentation and communication has made me raise my game. Thank you and may the blessings flow round to you!

  2. Kathleen says:

    That’s really sweet. I’m touched. I waited all day to have the time to respond to this thoughtfully but time got away from me. I had grand ideas of responding in kind, telling visitors what they meant to me. You have inspired me tho. Next year, I will do this thing and maybe start a new tradition for us. I hope you’ll be here then to see it.

    The only thing I could say off the top of my head is that I know your time is limited. I endeavor to be worth the value of your time. Thank you.

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