700 lb Gorilla

Susan sent me an article from the Sun about a 16 year old girl in the UK who got married in a dress that weighed 50 stone (700 lbs) and cost 25,000 pounds sterling ($45,000.). Her groom is 17. Her dress is so extravagant because she wanted to top “Jordan’s wedding” (Jordan is an english model).

It took TWENTY people an hour and a half to heave 16-year-old Carly through and up the aisle followed by her 60FT LONG train. Carly, who spent NINE AND A HALF HOURS getting into it, was exhausted when she got to the altar…After the ceremony groom Michael Coffey, 17, and 14 relatives carried her out.

The situation brings to mind this paper I once cited:
Extreme celebrity worship, fantasy proneness and dissociation: Developing the measurement and understanding of celebrity worship within a clinical personality context.

In other words, celebrity worship is mental pathology. In this case, the proof is a 700lb wedding dress worn by a high-maintenance neurotic teen age girl.

Sometimes, clothing can say more about a person’s character and mental health than one imagines.

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  1. Josh says:

    Wow! This is an extreme case. I must say I’m guilty of this. I once was obsessed with Leonardo Dicaprio (not dangerously so lol). I use to dress like him. This was in 1995. I would copy his outfits, bleached my hair and kept it like his, I wore the campus adidias shoes he wore. Some said during the time when I was at my worst my face began to look like his. I think I mentally changed the structure of my face on a molecular level. lol But that whole thing faded. I was obsessed when I was a small kid with Michael Jackson back in the 80s too. Didn’t have the resources to dress like him but I did collect memorabilia. Andy Warhol too and he was dead. I get these crushes/obsessions with famous people and they inspire me. Pathology? Maybe, but I don’t know what I would do without them. In many ways they keep me sane.

  2. Eric H says:

    1) (If I’m Daddy): Who is Jordan?
    2) (If I’m anyone with an IQ above room temperature) Why is it important to have a wedding bigger than hers?
    3) Me & K: Was Daddy willing to pay this much just to get Miss High Maintenance off his hands?
    4) Just me: Did he sweeten the pot to get hubby to take her? Did he incentivize the deal to get him to keep her (are there vesting requirements in the dowry)?

  3. Jenny says:


    My parents offered me $1000 to elope. I opted to have a cheap wedding at home. With my mother sewing my dress and friends helping with a BBQ style reception, our wedding cost us a grand total of $400.

    As far as insisting on certain dress features, I mistakenly chose pearl buttons up the front of my dress. Talk about wardrobe malfunction! I kept popping out of my dress! So mom sewed me into my dress and gave my groom a seam ripper as a wedding gift. LOL!

  4. Judith says:

    25 stone and 3,ooo crystals. Bloody ell!!!
    Trying to keep up with Jordan a page 3 girl.
    How ridiculous can you get. My first wedding cost hardly nothing at all. My 2nd wedding was under $750 I think. The most expensive thing was the license. I flew into the country to late. If I had come a week earlier the license would have been cheaper. We got married in London at the register’s office. You have to have been going to a church for years in the UK to get married in one. It was the register’s office for us. It was very nice anyhow. I got married the first time in a church and the marriage did not work out. This marriage is doing very well.
    I love the Vercua Salt comment, so true. LOL
    It sounds like she needed the oompa-loompas to carry her out of church.

  5. Alison Cummins says:

    I was pleased with my wedding (hiking shorts and boots, JP, no witnesses) but Kathleen and Eric’s wedding beat everyone else’s for both style and simplicity.

    Hats off!

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