4 day meal plan

The boy has been away judging from the view of my kitchen sink:

I think the boy misses me too. He’s called twice today, once pretending to be a telemarketer and then again to confirm I’ve eaten. Make that three times. Evidently we need to buy more christmas lights, some muffins and did I feed the little cat outside.

I’ve heard that cereal-for-dinner and astrology is the province of single women over 40. While the cereal evidence may be compelling, I don’t believe in astrology. Nonetheless, I’ll never date another Scorpio and look forward to Saturn’s departure from my second house.

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  1. Jody says:

    Parenthood is bittersweet. I love the freedom I have now that my boys have gotten older and more independent. But then I worry about becoming obsolete in their lives. Perhaps that’s the natural order of things….

  2. Kathleen says:

    Hmm. This entry used to have a lot more comments. I wish I knew how it was that Word Press eats them. Not that the comments here were so pivotal being about astrology and cereal but I wonder what other comments from other entries disappeared…

    Jody: I doubt you’ll be obsolete; but instead of you having the pleasure and heart ache of caring for them, they’ll be doing that for you. Funny you bring it up now. It sums up my weekend caring for my mom. It was fun doing things for her and doing just what she wanted to do.

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