Month: March 2011

Pop Quiz: Who is the curviest of them all? pt.2

I am very pleased with the results from yesterday’s pop quiz.  Several of you noticed the distinction between curvy and “curvy”. Good show, here’s a gold star for you!

Probably the easiest and briefest way to explain it is by paraphrasing one of my earlier comments,

[ ]all humans regardless of age, sex and size have curves; we are not rectangular boxes.


Refine My Line: Claudine’s cranberry silk blouse pt.3

Yay! I’m so excited. One of our RML contestants followed up with the suggestions made for her product. She made up a new sample (it’s for sale!) so you can see the striking difference between the two.

I realize the lighting differences throw it off a bit along with the new background but a careful examination of the two shows dramatic improvements.…