Month: March 2010

Zero Waste Fashion pt.2

There really isn’t a part one other than this one. In keeping with yesterday’s theme, Timo is blogging about fashion, sustainability and fashion design protection on Parson’s site. He hangs with an interesting crowd. Consider reading his latest entry where he discusses a recent conference he attended, there’s scads of cool links to follow.…


Archives 3/19- 3/25 2005-2009

I meant to have this up much sooner, apologies. I’ve been out of sorts with house guests this weekend. Will write more later. Until soon, here’s this week’s archives entry. Hope your weekend is great.

March 19, through March 25, 2005
Vintage pattern design update
4 day meal plan

March 19, through March 25, 2006
Fitting System™ of the week
Sustainable fabric suppliers
Drafting and anthropometry
Spring and swallows
Now this is hand sewing
The 13th most important tool
Japanese pattern magazines
Patently silly

March 19, through March 25, 2007
How ebay can kill you
How ebay can kill you pt.2
This and that
Lean or Lame?…