2008 Fabbie Awards

The fashion blogosphere, tired of being ignored in web blog popularity contests, has created their own award. This would be the Fabbies, spearheaded by the Manolo’s Shoe Blog, Bag Snob, and Lesley Scott of Fashiontribes.com . Support provided by Papierdoll.net, Flux.com, with sponsorship from Glam Media.

Yours truly has been nominated for best indie or niche blog. I never win anything but it’s nice to be nominated. It’d also help if I’d announced this sooner. Oh well. You have to register to vote, only one vote per category. Fashion-Incubator is fourth row down on the indie page. Easy to pick out, it doesn’t have a logo. You’d think that after nearly three years of blogging I’d have one but no, I couldn’t market to save my life. So, vote for me! Or you, and us! Seriously, I’d appreciate your vote.

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  1. Jennifer E. says:

    no-logo ?!? well really you have a wordmark – it very basic and easy to replicate i.e. steal.

    I think you should consider making it a fun contest ask us fans to come up with ideas for your logo/wordmark

  2. Laura says:

    You know, there’s nobody that deserves my vote better than you in my book. I’ve learned so much from your website. Even if sewing is just a hobby (or better put, an addiction) to me, I always strive for perfection. I’m thinking very seriously of buying your book even if I’m not very clear yet how much it would benefit a home sewer.
    I’ve been lurking here forever. Thought I would delurk now and just tell you that I admire you a lot.

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