Month: May 2008

10,000th comment prize 1

Anir said this is what she wanted for her prize (for having posted the 10,000th comment). Becky was our other winner, still waiting on a definitive answer from her. Anir wrote:

One thing I’ve been thinking about is buttonholes and how so many times they are too small for the buttons that they are meant for on RTW, but I think Kathleen you have talked about that.

Starting a home sewing pattern company pt.2

[amended at close with printing information]

I was surprised at the interest in the first entry of this (now) series. I’ll try to answer some of the questions posed in comments. Let’s start with Anita who wrote:

Do you have any recommendations on the best way to approach people (or the best people to approach, for that matter) to test out patterns?

10,000th comment

We have a winner for our contest:

Counting backwards in the list below:

You can see our winner is Anir. I’d previously told Rebecca (two below these) she’d won but I was in error not having refreshed the list once I’d deleted some spam comments.…