12 Manage & VBM

These two sites qualify as sites so good that I don’t want to tell anybody about them. I just thought to mention it today because I get their newsletter (sign up here). They’re called 12 Manage and VBM. VBM (value based management) has actually been integrated into 12 Manage but you may find VBM to be easier to navigate as the index of methods loads on the front page (12 Manage just lists headings). 12 Manage/VBM is difficult to describe. I’ve categorized these sites as business methods portals. 12 Manage describes itself as “Explanation of over 300 management methods, models and organizational theory”. If you’ve ever been stymied with the definition of any sort of economic or business theory, you’re likely to find both explanations and detailed examples here. You’ll find everything from Goldratt’s Theory of Constraints to theories of change and behavior models (useful for change agents). This site also actively solicits submissions for inclusion. Perhaps it’d be better described as a business encyclopedia. I’ll be adding these to the sidebar.

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