10,000th comment

We have a winner for our contest:

Counting backwards in the list below:

You can see our winner is Anir. I’d previously told Rebecca (two below these) she’d won but I was in error not having refreshed the list once I’d deleted some spam comments. Silly me. Anyway, Anir is our winner. As no prize was defined, maybe Anir can submit an idea or even submit an idea for a topic she’d like to see covered on F-I. I’ll also honor Rebecca’s request since I wouldn’t want to disappoint her for my error.

Feel free to lobby either two for your ideas of what you’d like to see here. Actually, you don’t need to lobby anyone. Post away!

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  1. enc says:

    Kathleen: Just a note to say thank you for the comment. I really appreciate the time you took to educate us all.

    I’ll be back to see you again.


  2. Anir says:

    Gee whiz, I won!!!
    And I wasn’t even trying, I just enjoyed the embellishment quiz and comments.

    One thing I’ve been thinking about is buttonholes and how so many times they are too small for the buttons that they are meant for on RTW, but I think Kathleen you have talked about that. Still I wonder if fabric shrinkage is part of the culprit.

    Another topic I’ve thought about is working in rural areas with displaced workers who have factory and/or other sewing skills but maybe to do short runs–push–of pieces with lots of handwork like Project Alabama http://projectalabama.com/. Or even start something like Project Alabama with pieces that have more machine work. I like the embellishment emphasis though but I’m not tied to that in a topic to be discussed.

    That’s my brain can put out now as I am in the midst of moving.

    Maybe Rebecca has some interesting ideas.

  3. Becky O. says:

    Yes, yes- I second Anir. I have been looking at project alabama and love the concept, but not crazy about the hand sewing (or the retail price).
    I like the idea of a manufacturer with a group of skilled workers that takes the family into consideration- shorts runs, flex-time…

  4. Anir says:

    After I posted the comment above, I learned that now Project Alabama’s stuff is made in India. It would be interesting to know why they switched from domestic to off shore.

  5. Anir says:

    I just realized I put “short runs–push”
    When I meant “short runs–pull” in my original request for my prize. Sorry, Kathleen, I do know what the difference is, I just got them confused.

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