Yay! My button hole machine arrived!

Yay! After two years of talking about it, I finally took delivery of my new Siruba BH790 button hole machine!

I had to go pick it up at the freight terminal because I don’t have a dock. What can I say? The rent is cheap. The lady at the shipping place was kind of funny. She asked, “oh, do you sew?” not knowing that was not the sort of question she should be asking me. I was good though and didn’t mention anything about designing bras for Heidi. I’m not sure she understood why somebody would want a 250LB sewing machine that only sewed one thing -buttonholes. She looked at me sideways and wanted my ID so she could photocopy it, mumbling something about National Security all the while. For reals.

The thing is so heavy with the crate and all, they load you with a forklift. Before leaving to get it, I was so careful to make sure I had all the stuff to stabilize it, gloves, crowbar if needed and all that but when I got there, I discovered my come-alongs weren’t working so I had to settle for a natty sisal rope we keep stowed in the bed. Of the pick up! The bed of the pick up! I just realized that could sound a bit awkward. 

Anyway, at right you will see the machine is well protected by the Fashion-Incubator security detail. The blonde on the left is Sandy. This is actually her truck but she lets us borrow it sometimes. It’s not hard to sneak it out under her nose because unlike most blondes I know, she’s not very bright.

The sentry on the right is Boo Boo.  His main occupation is protecting everything from skunks,  shoes left in the vestibule, cat brushes and peanut butter and banana sandwiches.

I will post more about the machine once I have it unpacked.

Note:  The other day, Mr.Fashion-Incubator confessed  that he doesn’t read the blog very much anymore because it is too technical, that he liked to read the personal entries. Well, I hope this is some of that for any of you I’ve bored silly as of late. I have to tell you though, I’ve been working 80 hour weeks for months now so I apologize that I haven’t been my usual companionable self. Speaking of! I got Lasik! That’s personal! I got the monovision which I’m still not used to. It’s kind of neat but also bad. Like anyone who has gotten it, you see dust you’ve never seen before (my vision is now 20/15) and one’s pores become… well, larger. Me being me, I did a cost benefit analysis and calculated that if I live to be 71, the surgery will have cost me 50 cents a day. In that context, I’m not sure it was a good tradeoff but it is dandy not needing glasses anymore…

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