Wholesale fabric shows: Premiere Vision or Texworld?

I’ve received several emails from readers who plan to travel to New York this July to attend one of the wholesale fabric shows. If you’re local, it’s not a tough decision because you can walk both of them. For people flying in, that the shows are held a week apart makes choosing a bit more difficult. The two shows are Premiere Vision (July 13-14) and Texworld (July 19-21). One show isn’t better than the other, each represents different value. Here’s what I can tell you.

I went to the Premiere Vision show in Paris (two years ago) but have never been to the PV New York show. I would imagine the NY show isn’t quite as good as the Paris show (you’d be surprised how many people can’t get visas or don’t want a piece of the US market) but few would argue that PV NY is not the top tier designer fabric show in the US. Let me qualify that. Premiere Vision is a better choice if you have a fashion forward bridge or contemporary line with high price points, and have or aspire to have a presence in the EU or Asia. I liked the Paris show very much. See the review I wrote of it (do that enough times and you’d never need to buy a sourcing directory). The ambiance is professional and muted, very conducive to business (as is Texworld).

Texworld presents different opportunities, two additional shows are co-located with it. Namely a home textiles and an apparel contracting show. I have attended this show in Paris and in Atlanta. Or rather, I went to a show managed by the same company that manages Texworld (Messe Frankfurt). I love how well this show is managed, they’ve taken over the SPESA show starting in 2012 and considering the horrid show management experience I had at SPESA, have become a fan girl of Messe Frankfurt. Texworld fabric shows both here and in Paris are better suited to middle range producers.

Speaking of, Messe Frankfurt -which manages Texworld- is the world’s largest trade show management company in apparel related stuff. They’ve made it clear they want to make shows more accessible to larger portions of the US market (LA etc). This is a benefit to those who can’t or don’t want to go to NY shows. That the company is stable with expansion plans means that more of their exhibitors will ride their coat tails to rent booth space in non-NY shows which means more access to those resources for more of us.

Premiere Vision is no slouch either; their shows also seem to be well managed. The Paris show is usually considered to be the best in the world (the Mecca of fabric). They don’t have plans (as far as I know) to open shows anywhere else in the US. LA is too casual; Las Vegas doesn’t suit their image. Basically they know their market which concentrates at the high end. People with upscale lines have the means to go to either NY or Paris to attend the show so PV doesn’t need to open in LA or any of the secondary markets.

If I had a fashion forward bridge line with higher price points, I’d go to Premiere Vision. PV is eye candy and on trend. Do go sometime if you have the opportunity even if it’s not your show.

If my line were more price resistant and I wanted to get my legs under me with sourcing mid range fabrics (and had relatively little show experience) and were also possibly interested in off shore contract production, I’d go to Texworld.

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