What do good designers have in common?

UK_ww2_fashion_designerSomeone asked me to describe the characteristics that all good designers have in common but I couldn’t go beyond platitudes such as “good communication”, “highly skilled”, “professionalism” and “no baggage”. Subjective answers like those aren’t helpful because these apply to any work situation. Hard definitions and qualities that can be measured within this context are needed.

For example, it is obvious that experienced and professional designers are easier to work with because they have experience but what is it about their experience that makes it easy? And what experience? It’s not so easy to answer while steering clear of circular logic. It has also become increasingly more difficult to answer in an era of increased job competition and the plethora of design degrees.

It would be greatly appreciated if you could -based on your experience of working as support staff or as a supervisor- describe core competencies and characteristics shared by good designers as concretely and thoughtfully as you can. Thanks so much!
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