Vintage German Patterns

[this post was appended 6-15-05]
Leipzig, Germany 1934 Style 74821

I’m a pattern maker personally and professionally so it shouldn’t surprise anyone that I also collect them. I collect vintage and foreign patterns, and vintage and foreign pattern and sewing books. In fact, I’ve overcollected to the tune of 8 boxes of patterns I’m intending to sell on ebay someday. Anyway, I found an amazing resource I have to tell you about. There’s a lady in OK who is selling copies of old german pattern magazines, pre WW2 and I bought a few (present for my b-day!). If you’re into that sort of thing, you may want to check it out too. She has a store on ebay called Memory Lane Treasures. Here’s a sample style:


If you can, make special note of those sleeves. Below I’ve included a scan of the mini-pattern, piece inventory and mini sketch. You’d locate your pattern pieces by pattern number and schematic line, trace it off and clean it up. I find it more useful to look at the mini pieces and use those as a guide to redesign a pattern I already have. However, I do plan to pull a few styles off of these sheets. There are some blouses with such exquisite detail that I think one could sell as many as they could make. These are that beautiful.


Oh, and do me a favor and tell Angie I sent you? Take pity on me, I’m blegging for future discounts. She has patterns ranging from the 1910’s through the early 1940’s. I’m guessing Angie’s mom was German and married a US serviceman but I don’t know that for certain.

[this post was appended 6-15-05]
I’ve configured a Vintage Patterns topic on the bulletin board. Here, you’ll find both Angie and her mother Nancy who will be happy to discuss anything related to vintage german patterns.

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