Two holidays today

Is anyone working today? I ask that every Columbus Day, why should this one be any different?

rooster_pulletsHappy Thanksgiving Day to our friends in Canada. What is the traditional menu? Turkey? We’re partial to cheese and green chile tamales. Pardon my ignorance. Maybe it’s goose? If you’re short one, my back pasture has been attracting them lately. Those and cranes, including whooping cranes. Actually a few chickens too. Not mine obviously since the bobcat got them back in late April. My neighbor’s rooster got some pullets and he’s been very proudly showing them around the neighborhood. You can tell they’re pullets even though they’re big enough to be mistaken for grown hens because they still make baby-chick peep peep noises. So cute.

The obvious conclusion being I’m not working per se. I’m listening to Pandora and slogging through a back log of a week’s email on my main accounts. I’m also answering the phones from the few callers. The day feels balanced and it’s so nice to have relaxed friendly conversations.

Now I’m off to forage for food. It’s 2:40PM and other than chocolate cake left over from yesterday, I haven’t even had breakfast. Then I may go look at carpet. Hope your day is a great one.

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