Trick or Treat

Priti sends a link to Indexed; a great place to waste some time, get some grins or think a bit. Here’s a sample:

Long story but my book was pirated in 2004. I’ve been chasing this guy ever since; he was selling them at trade shows and then on Amazon but I got him banned in 2005. Now, somebody else is selling “used” copies (in pristine condition) and my sales have dropped by 90%. As most of you know, used copies are very rare to find there, most people keep their books but this guy seems to have an endless supply of “used” copies in brand new “never read” condition. I have an attorney working on it. In the meantime, if you don’t buy directly from this site, I’d appreciate it if you’d only buy copies from me on Amazon or from an authorized vendor like SouthStar Supply or International Fashion Publications.

If you don’t, it could mean the end of this site and everything I’ve worked so hard to create for you. Book sales pay for everything. Otherwise, this whole show, my company and me…are over. This may end up being farewell. Either that or I’ll have to charge subscriptions. I can give my traditional supporters who’ve donated to support the site or donated to support me in the marathon a free sub if I want. It’s the other 3,000+ visitors a day who’ll have to pay if they want to continue to access content. I hope you understand I don’t have any other options but right now I’m so depressed I may just drop Fashion-Incubator entirely. It was fun while it lasted. Maybe it’s time for a career change. Maybe I’ll finally get around to becoming a licensed electrician. I can handle those kinds of hot lines.

Under the circumstances, I haven’t had the heart to post and I’ve been reluctant to tell you my problems. At this point, I’m not coping well so I figure honesty can’t hurt me more than this guy already has. In fact, my attorney thinks I should say nothing in the event opportunists take advantage of the situation to score a deal for themselves. Maybe they will; would you sell your soul in exchange for a $10 discount? I’m taking some time off from posting. I appreciate your support.

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  1. Nellly says:

    wow! Katheline, I’m can’t believe any body can do this and specially to you, I’m so sorry, I bought my book at as new, I hope it wasn’t from a pirate book seller. I think it’s great that you are able to find these people and get them to stop this behavior. I’m one of those people that come and go to this blog, but I really apreciate all the great info you put into it and in your book, they are both such a life savers.
    Best wishes,

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