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favorite_cat_picture_of_the_dayBlogging consultants say to poll the readership for topics but judging from yesterday’s results that is a bad idea. It’s a terrible idea because following through usually amounts to work. ewww! Or maybe eeek! Or as I find myself today, ewwkeee. I have a much better idea. Let’s post links to our favorite cat pictures. The idea is growing on me the more I think about it. Here is one I found today. I would never be able to get my cats to do that.

Okay okay already. Here’s an unofficial-ish result summary:
Austin said we could talk about how we wish we were at Market. I shot him down immediately, but did anyone thank me? No, they did not. Ingrates.

Claudine, Pam, Jennifer et al want me to talk about Etsy. I suppose not being an expert on it shouldn’t stop me since it hasn’t before. But okay, I’m game. I’ll give you yet more unqualified opinions on that. Most can be summarized by stuff I’ve already said and also, seriously -can we talk? Some of you should read my book and avail yourself to the benefits -namely, participating in Refine My Line. In that vein, I’ve have had one woman’s site open all day. Very promising skills that just need a bit of tweaking. She’s soooo close it just pains me.

Rebecca wanted to know where to find wholesale fabric. That would be here.

Linda wanted a post about wrinkles forming on the back shoulder of men’s suits. I asked her to supply me with a sample photo. If it’s the one I’m thinking of, it is soooo annoying. And not too hard to fix as fixes go. Not hard in that the problem is readily identifiable and that isn’t always the case. By way of example, there is one fitting problem innumerable women have, that of gaping in the chest coupled with a fold of fabric forming a dart in the armhole…I don’t know if I will ever write about it because it is so difficult to describe the fix. That one is hard. And no, it’s an entirely different solution from what anyone else has ever said about it.

Theresa wanted my thoughts about the increase in cotton and clothing prices to which I’d previously written this.

B. had kudos for the site (you’re right, F-I’s not a pink pony blog) and asked how to best convey fit and size online to minimize returns. Were one of you playing a trick on this poor man by having him ask me this? Or was this someone’s idea of fun, imagining how many times I’d have to wipe the spittle off my monitor in yet another extended sizing rant? Seriously, does anybody know in which entry I posted my sizing hang tag template? It took me hours to draw it and I can never find it. It would be good to use as part of a stand alone entry (yay for Kay who found it for me!). Until then B, I suggest reading this, maybe this (you could get help with it) and scanning the fit and sizing category. Noah’s comments would also fit in here. If any of you guys want to volunteer your sites for a review of suggested improvements, you know where to find me.

Amy, Penelope and probably others wanted to know more about better sewing. Lisa followed up with this by suggesting I post tutorials in the forum as a member’s benefit -which I will do. I truly cannot see posting any more tutorials on the blog or for free because I’m tired of reading my material in Threads, SewStylish and on other people’s websites with someone else’s name on it. If someone is going to make money off of my information, I should get something for having provided it (and many wonder why the RTW industry doesn’t publish this stuff). Writing a tutorial is at least one full day’s work -if not more.

Alessandra mentioned “style maker” sites popping up. I haven’t been aware of those. Or rather I’ve seen them and they’re very pretty but it’s not something I’m into. I do well to keep up with the reading I already do. But you can write about it Alessandra! hint hint.

Tomorrow I think I will write a tutorial on how to do a vintage invisible zipper. You do know that way back when, before there were such a thing as invisible zippers, there was a way to get the same effect using a regular zipper? Yes indeedy there was and I’m going to show my site supporters just how to do it. Who knows? Maybe I’ll send it to Threads so my name can appear on my own work for once. That’s assuming they’ll publish it of course. Seriously, I like this method much better than the new way because I don’t trust invisible zippers. They aren’t very stable. Always breaking and pulling apart and I don’t know that I can ever find the foot I need for it either.

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