The cathartic twisted ouroboros torus

When I’m unable to concentrate or don’t want to think, I dissolve into projects. I can lose myself there. With my recent difficulties, I’ve needed some of that. Anyway, since I’d been chatting with Karren about shibori and the mobius scarves I’d written about before, I picked up the project of making another prototype. The one I made is the final version of the pattern engineering I’d come up with, but hadn’t rendered yet. The photo below won’t excite you much. At least it doesn’t me.

I bought the fabric at JoAnns. I was looking for a deliberate stripe. I didn’t want a fabric this busy because I wanted to show the seam lines. Imagine the seam lines following the stripes. I’m pleased that it came out well but it’s too busy for my taste. And too green. Green is lovely but not my color. Here’s another photo, scarf hung.

I really don’t want to get into a long discussion about the features right now, maybe tomorrow, but this is a big improvement on the original I started with (Vionnet). This scarf comes out bias but it is cut on grain. Allocation is really low, about 5/8 of a yard, the Vionnet scarf takes at least 1.25 yards. And that’s beside the point of that this is really really easy to cut and sew. It’s a lot less work than the original I’d started from. You might want to read the first entry if you don’t understand what I’m talking about. Summary, this is easier to sew, easier to cut, less fabric, and so, less costly. Ideal for production -and still good looking.

Oh and technically, according to Catherine who is into topology, calculus and origami math, this isn’t a mobius. It’s a torus, although it’s twisted like a mobius. And it’s one of those ouroboros patterns I’d written about before. Whatever will I call this? The cathartic twisted ouroboros torus? Now that’s catchy, consumers are going to love that. I can see it flying off the shelves already. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha.

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