SPESA Material World Expo 2007

JC Sprowls (one of our FI members) has reminded me that I should mention the next big event coming up in the industry and that you should consider making plans to attend. I thought it’d be better if I did this today (on a Sunday, when I don’t usually post) because this entry is likely to be buried this week with everything I plan to be posting about.

The event is SPESA/Material-World Expo 2007 to be held May 8-10 in Miami Beach Florida. This is a sourcing show, much of it machines, equipment, CAD and services. Of course there will also be fabrics but the latter may not be your biggest priority since fabric shows are held frequently on both coasts. Rather, this is a production related show and I must stress that if you have upcoming needs, you should consider attending this one (even if you’re not “ready”) because it is only held every three years. If you don’t go now, you’ll have a long wait until the next one.

JC also says it’d be great if we plan a meet up which we’ll do of course and he’s graciously volunteered to take names. He is facilitating a thread in the forum for people who want to share quarters and the like. At this time, Mike and Amy (Fit Couture) are going. I think Dave (Big Irv from Canada) is going, Eric and I will be there and I don’t know who all else. If anything, I’d think more of you should show up to this show than MAGIC considering it’s only every three years. I may be doing a presentation there if I can get a sponsor since I can’t afford to pay to do a presentation :).

By the way, SPESA stands for Sewn Products Equipment & Suppliers of the Americas. You can sign up on their website but personally -and this is just a tip- I’d sign up on Material World (one registration in any place works for the whole show). I had problems getting the registration on SPESA to work but MW’s went right through. Read more about the show here.

Oh, and you don’t need to worry bout credentials at this show as much as you do at the wholesale market shows. Anybody can get in; they’re happy to have your warm body there. If you go, I look forward to meeting you there.

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