Sewing Equipment Tradeshow -TexProcess April 24-26

texprocess_logoIf you’re new to these parts, yours truly and many F-I members have been meeting at a sewing equipment trade show called SPESA. SPESA is no more; it was purchased by Messe Frankfurt (yay!) who have renamed it Texprocess. Catchy, no? Okay so it’s not. It is still the happening place to be come April 24-26, 2012 in Atlanta GA USA.

If you’re not sure if this show is for you, there is a lot of coverage of this show on Fashion-Incubator. I think it is good to attend even if you don’t intend to buy equipment because it will give you a better idea of the kinds of equipment needed to sew your products. There are also ancillary products of use such as software, dress forms etc. Furthermore, it should be a priority to attend because this show is only held every other year.

Many of us have had the show on our calender for two years so I don’t remember to mention it. Hopefully it’s not too late for you to make plans to attend. If you are going, please let us know so we can plan activities, hotel accommodations etc. If you’re not a forum member*, we will wait for 30 minutes after the show closes each day in the foyer at the top of the escalator.  I realize that sounds ambiguous but you will find it. And you’ll know it’s us because we will be milling around, talking in twos and threes and have some kind of distinguishing feature on our badges. As dress is business casual, we won’t be wearing suits (hardly anyone does these days except salesmen and even many of them don’t). In 2010, we had holographic star stickers.

It is a good idea to register now because the entry fee is only $25. The fee is $50 at the door. You also have the option of attending various seminars (termed symposium); the number of days selected determine the price. See this for more information. I do not know if any of the seminars are a good value. The recent trend in trade show seminars generally would suggest there is not much bang for the buck. Based on our experience in 2007 and 2010 (admittedly, under previous management and ownership) the seminars amounted to a presentation of why you should hire the company represented by the speaker to solve the problem listed as the seminar’s topic.

*You also have the option of calling me on my cell (575-635-8131) at the show but don’t use that number for for regular business calls, use  my land line (505-877-1713) instead . Be advised that I don’t know how to use a cell phone other than to answer and dial it so assuming I can access caller ID and call you back is beyond fantasy. My use of call waiting is also dicey. If it is noisy and I cannot hear the phone ring, I cannot call you back so keep trying. The cell doesn’t take messages, we did that on purpose because I can’t retrieve messages anyway. And in case you’re wondering, no, I cannot turn on the TV either. However, I am progressing in that it would seem I can now remove a DVD from the DVD player having done so three times in a row with minimal injury to self, the unit or any cats residing within flinging distance. Lest you think less of me, I can install and rewire circuits, repair/build a computer, repair any number of appliances, machines and vehicles, manage numerous websites, build an entire second story in a loft completely by myself, plumb a kitchen sink and drain from scratch (ibid washer hookup),  etc. My technical prowess does not extend to televisions, dvd players or cell phones.

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