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CPSIA: Tell the CPSC to extend the testing stay!

Those of you producing children’s wear should be aware that the stay of enforcement (CPSIA §102(a)) will be expiring on February 10th. A broad coalition of children’s products producers have signed on to a letter submitted by NAM (National Assoc of Manufacturers) to the CPSC, requesting an extension for very valid reasons (pdf).…

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CPSIA: Please take the survey!

Children’s products producers take note. Your prompt response is required, these surveys will be taken down this weekend.

I rarely do this but here’s the cut and paste because it’s better than a summary I would write:

The American Apparel and Footwear Association (AAFA) Wants You!

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CPSIA update 12/23/09

We had two pieces of good news last week. On December 15th, the CPSC passed (by unanimous vote) an Interim Enforcement Policy (pdf) on Component Testing and Certifications of Children’s Products and Other Consumer Products to the August 14, 2009 Lead Limits.…

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