Reverse Pattern Puzzle: Extreme

Marie-Noëlle submits this suggestion for today’s pattern puzzle. As you can see, it’s extremely complex so I’m not sure if we should laud or pillory her!


Determining the garment from the pattern may not be as difficult as it seems. The original orientation is with the left side at top (I had to change it to get it to fit here). Its designer laid out the pieces according to placement. Meaning (for example) that pieces that are joined together are laid adjacent to each other.

sample_joining_ppIf you compare to the illustration above to the image I modified at right, you’ll notice the notching was done carefully to line up pieces. The red arrows indicate the preliminary joining steps of the first three pieces. The blue arrows indicate how the 3 piece [whatever it’s called] is joined to the roundish with one side flattish, piece. Good luck with the piece naming conventions for this pattern!

You know the rules.  No fair naming the originator etc. Do your best work and leave a link to what you’ve come up with in comments. Good luck and as always, have fun!

PS. I’ve seen the garment made from this pattern -and I’m not sure it helps. For what it’s worth, I will be going by the pattern to construct the design, not the garment.

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