bob_me_and_mikeSometimes being a blogger isn’t a lot of fun. You have to be upbeat, funny, useful or what have you regardless of how you’re feeling or what’s going on in your life. I usually fake the minor things -a tax audit- well and don’t mention it. Other times things feel too personal to share but then you lack an explanation for your silence.

I will be away for a few days. My uncle died. We were very close, he was a loving father and supportive friend to me and a grandfather to my son. He collapsed while moving some boxes at the food bank, a part of his ministry. It was very unexpected, he was very active and thought to be in very good health. I am doing as well as can be expected but not focused enough to work, dealing with family things as I am.

As much as I appreciate your compassion, I would be happier were you to resolve to call a loved one you’ve not spoken to in awhile, maybe for years. It would bring me pleasure and peace to know who you called today.

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