Refine My Line: Lilah Children

Our next candidate for the Refine My Line series is forum member Diana Colmenares. Diana’s story is interesting. She lives in Bogota Colombia but was originally born in Houston TX where her family was living while her father completed his MBA. In 2007, she started a line called Japi Monkis (Happy Monkeys) for the domestic market but then changed her label to Lilah Children to maximize opportunities for international sales, including US and Canadian markets.


If you see the sample photos of some of her products from her F/10 and SS/11 lines in my photo album, you’ll see that the line is well developed if not diverse. The construction of the knit sweater pieces are a particular strength. Good continuity in fabrications and colorways is evident. Separates merchandise well together with cross merchandising opportunities too. I realize we don’t typically discuss line continuity in RML (although I enjoy it) but since Diana isn’t anonymous, I can mention it if only in passing.

For the purposes of this review, we will analyze styles 4242 (grey) and 4263 (taupe). You are encouraged to leave your feedback as it relates to suitability of fabrication, pattern, fit and construction. As mentioned in an earlier entry, style comments are not something we will be discussing at this time until and unless the designer tells us differently. Tomorrow or Wednesday I’ll post my thoughts. Have fun!

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Doris W.
4 years 8 months ago

Ditto all the comments already made, so I won’t repeat those.

I don’t think anyone has mentioned the top-stitching down the front of the taupe coat 4263 which looks like the fabric is is buckling, as well as the slightly gathered look on the coat’s left sleeve where it is sewn into the cuff. (zoom feature on the pics really is useful)

4 years 8 months ago

I agree with Leslie and Rachel… I think it’s the picture. On style 4242 the right side of the collar looks higher, but I’m pretty sure it’s just the picture. I can’t say much about the construction or fit, I think it’s very difficult to see problems in this area based on pictures. But I do have to say I think they are both beautiful!! WOW I would definitely buy them for my children. I was looking at the web page and the knits are wonderful… take a look at the baby sets.. man, beautiful! So congratulations to the designer.! I absolutely love the hand made loafers… hand knit??!!! Extra points for that.

Clara Rico
4 years 8 months ago

I’m sure you’re going to say, “interfacing for the collar”, but other than that I have no ideas. Just that the different materials react differently and it might be necessary to change the pattern if you want the same look.
I’m not sure if the pockets are even or not. She should be using a template so there is no guessing on where to place the welts.
O.K. that’s all I got.

4 years 8 months ago

I, too, noticed that the collar on the gray (4242) is uneven (one side appears larger than the other). Also the center front at the botton comes to a point. As for the taupe (4263) there seems to be puckering under both armholes. The sleeves on 4263 seem to be out of proportion for the coat, or is this just a larger girl’s size than the gray coat? They are both adorable!